Plastic bags dropped off at the recycling depot are baled together and shipped directly to Merlin Plastics in Delta, BC where they are shredded and turned into new products. The curbside blue bin material is different because it’s mixed. It can’t go directly to the mill. It must first go to a sorting facility where the newspaper, office paper, boxboard, plastics #1, #2, #3, #4, etc are all separated. Once sorted, each material is baled and send to various mills to be turned into new products. As you can imagine it’s really difficult to sort curbside material with plastic bags in it. The bags wrap around conveyor belts, clog screens and cause all sorts of equipment problems. On top of that, bags are a major hazard for our employees. They hide needles, hazardous items, bear spray, propane bottles, etc. All these items pose a major safety risk for our staff and our equipment.